A masterful team that executes every engagement with precision, prowess, and power.
Disruption is in our DNA.


Developing an online store, corporate website, website business card, server setup, web design, branding, administration, promotion, SEO, SMM, ads, analytics, big data and so on to infinity we can list the services we work with. Speaking in plain language, the Socialbruh team will find the best solution for your business. 


Usually, we send a brief for filling to the customer, after which we discuss all technical points. As soon as the technical task is ready, designers and programmers begin to work. The process of developing the site can be seen on the server, which we allocate. And the product will be checked by our testers. When everything is ready and agreed with the client, we launch the site and the server into a production version. 


Now is the time to promote the site. We identify our audience and start working with it. Meanwhile, we expand the semantic search engine and source of traffic. 


I’m in IT Business since 2017. During all these years we have met different clients, easy and sophisticated, beginners and well-established institutions. With no road map ahead and with solid plans to be followed. But what they all enjoyed working with my team and It is our flexibility, proven experience, communication and the extra mile. 

I want my clients to succeed online in their fields. We create them high-end websites that stand out on their market. Our clients get websites that send the right message, attract and obtain market and customer’s respect. 

Four simple principles I follow: Communication, Respect, Goodwill and Long Term relationship. 

- Aryan Sharma, Founder SocialBruh

Meet The Team


Rahul Verma

Manager & Marketing Head


Jay Agrwal

Web Developer

Harshit Sharma

Web Designer


Kapil Tyagi

IT Expert


Satyam Banerjee

Web Developer

Harsh Randhawa

IT Expert

Suman Joshi