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We use great design to

build a rivalling edge

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Your brand and its beliefs are unique, built up from a thousand moments that come together to create your big picture. When you choose to work with SocialBruh. find a group of people who are fascinated by these individual stories.

Typography, logos, and imaging are the building blocks of your brand identity. We ensure that they are weaved with small moments that build your story.

Market Insights

Market Strategy


Brand Identity

Brand Positioning

Naming & Tagline

Content Planning


Communication in the digital age can be lightning fast. But it can also be disconnected. That is why SocialBruh’s solutions are built with human connections at the forefront of all that we do. Our clients and users are the basis from which our designs launch. We deliver experiences that are built to delight you and your customers.

Stall and Kiosk Experiences

Marketing Collateral

AR Experiences

Responsive Design


VR Experiences


UI/ UX Centric Design

Scalable Design

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At SocialBruh, we understand that you need to nurture your people so they can enrich your brand. A thriving workforce is the key to exponential growth, and that’s why we also help you craft innovative and empowering learning experiences for your employees. Whatever your requirement, we ease the path of learning with clear communication and compelling solutions so you can grow inside-out.


Custom Learning

AR & VR Learning  Solutions


Mobile Learning

Game Based Learning


Scenario Based Learning



Four ways of working with us


We use this model for projects which have a predefined timeline and scope of work. This type of collaboration is ideal for overtures where there is little to no change expected in terms of features and overall scope.


This model is perfect for those projects which need a team of people working full time on it. It enables you to work with designers, developers, and other experts on a long term basis.


Most new product development projects are classed under this model because their scope is often difficult to predict. Our team will begin with a broad projection for a budget and timeline. Each subsequent phase will go into more detail to ensure you have complete control over spending.


We also organise education sessions with partners who wish to revise their strategies or products, or simply gain a greater understanding of digital marketing.

You have a vision

We know the way to get you there

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