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A small snack company with big dreams.

The Ask:

Whisps came to Socialbruh in March of 2019 with the objectives of increasing sales and brand awareness amongst cheese-enthusiasts with two new flavors as focus. Whisps wanted visuals that spoke to their core values, with messaging that sought to foster a lively community based on a love of all things savory, crunchy, and cheesy!

Our Solution:

Socialbruh concepted & executed a social-first campaign that educated, entertained & delighted! Socialbruh personified Whisps (and each flavor), leading with dynamic social-first creative, witty social banter with fans & competitive cheese eaters, and loads of cheesy puns. Socialbruh brought the fun, laugh-out-loud content that Whisps was looking for through engaging assets alongside lifestyle imagery that was truly “cheddar” than all the rest!

Tactical Approach:

Socialbruh concepted and executed frequent giveaways of the new flavors, whether through Surprise & Delight activations or conversation competitive conquesting! With a dedicated, extensive community management approach, Socialbruh effectively engaged with all cheese-lovers, from big name celebs to moms on keto, and everyone in between. We also designed a GIPHY sticker pack and a custom AR filter, furthering the potential reach of our campaign.

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