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Transforming a legacy company into a socially-relevant must-follow brand.

The Ask:

An established brand looking to reach a younger demographic, Conair came to Socialbruh in early 2019 to gain relevance among Gen Z and Millennials, while driving purchase intent to current core audience and identifying new audience opportunities.

Our Solution:

Since March 2019, Socialbruh has helped revamp the social media and content strategy for Conair across Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, while also launching influencer campaigns around holidays and product launches.

Tactical Approach:

  • We utilized Socialbruh Studios to develop new, fresh content that embraced a younger audience with a new social media style direction and color palette.

  • We developed messaging that invites users to participate in the Conair conversation

  • We developed multiple campaigns and hashtags to foster a sense of community and support

  • Brought marketing initiatives to life on social, such as live event coverage

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